Hollywood: Gay marriage’s best man

will grace

“It was a watershed moment. There was no going back at that point.” That point led inexorably to Modern Family, a sitcom whose gay characters (one played by a gay man, the other by a straight actor) feud, joke and love in ways utterly familiar to straight couples. For show co-creator Steven Levitan, the rewards have reached beyond Emmys to include testimonials of fans changing their attitudes as a result of the program. “We’ve heard from many gay people, and families of gay people, that watching Modern Family has opened the door to those conversations and made parents more accepting of their gay children,” says Levitan, who says that making Mitch and Cam’s trials so normal “helps change minds and hearts.” Levitan lauds a few TV turning points that long preceded his show, including Will & Grace (1998-2006) and Soap (1977-1981), whose wisecracking ventriloquist, played by Billy Crystal, is widely considered to be television’s first unmistakably gay character.
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Hollywood Park traditions prepare to find new homes

This week, Bigelow will mark one year since his longtime partner died. He fought back tears talking about the loss. “My partner of 32 years died a year ago this Friday,” Bigelow said. “This was our dream and he never got to see it.” Bigelow was at the rally with Bert Champagne, a friend who also lost his partner eight years ago.
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TheWrap’s Inaugural Innovators List: 12 Who Are Changing Hollywood

Don’t forget the indies. “Fox Searchlight is huge on Tumblr,” Hayes said. ‘They are very innovative.” – Lucas Shaw 6. ZACH JAMES & RICH RADDON Founders, ZEFR How often does a Hollywood studio find a new revenue stream? Not often, which is why Raddon and James have entered into business with every major studio except Disney so far. ZEFR’s core business isn’t sexy on its face.
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West Hollywood Prop 8 Rally Remembers Those Who Made 2013 Supreme Court Decision Possible

Well…..RD Hubbard selling it to Churchill was bad but they also didn’t run it very well. Churchill sort of had the attitude that they didn’t have to do anything and business would come to them. It is what it is but looking back it could have worked if there had been some people with some vision. Say what you will about Marge Everett, but the woman had a vision.
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Hollywood “boiler room” sold $2 million in fake precious metals; two arrested

The Broward County State Attorney’s Office is prosecuting the case. Frade and Quinones are accused soliciting investors through their Hollywood-based company, Integrated Market Capital Investments, doing business as Midas Asset Exchange in Hollywood. After making the investment with Midas Asset Exchange, investors typically received account statements showing the alleged purchase of metals. Investors claimed that Frade and Quinones led them to believe that the metals listed on the account statements would be stored for them in a vault or other safe place until such time as they desired to sell. The investigation revealed that only a small portion of investor money was used to trade possessory rights to precious metal inventory, and none of it was used to purchase or store the physical metals.
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Hollywood Remembers Top Stylist Annabel Tollman, Dead at 39

Her ability to translate her own old-Hollywood aesthetic onto the modern-day red carpet earned her a legion of fans, the role of spokeswoman for eBay Fashion in 2010 and recognition as one of THR’s 25 Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood in 2011 . Tollman also had a show in creative development with Bravo. Her loss is being felt throughout the industry. “Annabel was one of those people who just made life better,” adds Andrew Saffir, founder of film marketing firm The Cinema Society and a close friend of Tollman. “Every party, every dinner, every gathering was better when she was in the mix.
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