Dot Rules Will Have Puncture-prone Oil Trains Phased Out –

Older cars will be replaced in the next two years. The proposals will be open to public comment for the next 60 days . The DoT is seeking public opinion on whether these trains should have cars fitted with electronically controlled brakes and rollover protection. After getting public opinion, new rules are expected to be issued by early next year. The department has been working on new rules for years but a recent spate of accidents has accelerated this process.

Obama cuts radio ad for Neil Abercrombie – Kyle Cheney –

The quickening pace read more of inversions prompted the White House to intensify its calls for action, the administration officials said. Last week, Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew called for a new sense of economic patriotism, asking Congress to pass tax changes. The Treasury has said that blocking inversions would prevent $17 billion from escaping the U.S. tax system over the next decade.

Obama Take Heed: Aussies Repeal ‘Economy Killer’ Carbon Tax – Yahoo News

Abercrombie is locked in a tight primary with state Sen. David Ige. The vote is scheduled for August 9. An Abercrombie spokesman, Shane Peters, said the governors team approached the president with three options for ad scripts, all far more formal. But the president insisted on the personal approach, Peters said. Its far beyond anything we would ever presume to ask the president to say, Peters said, adding that the use of the term ohana came from Obamas camp, too.

Obama Aiming to Make Corporate Tax Avoidance Issue for Campaign – Bloomberg

Done Obama Take Heed: Aussies Repeal Economy Killer Carbon Tax By Liz Peek 7 hours ago 0 shares What does Australia have that we dont have? How about a leader committed to growth and jobs? Thats the message behind Prime Minister Tony Abbotts conservative governments repeal of a heavy carbon tax a levy that was unpopular from the start because it inflated consumer electricity prices and weakened Australias competitiveness. Those very outcomes were by anticipated by U.S. legislators from both sides of the aisle when they refused to endorse President Obamas early push for a cap-and-trade program..

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