Obama Flips Isis Policy With Strikes – Cnn.com

Obama student loan forgiveness asserts power in Iraq Washington (CNN) — As Islamist militants swept through northern and western Iraq in early June in a lightning advance, President Barack Obama examined his options and announced that he would be prepared to “take targeted and precise military action.” Nearly two months later, Obama, albeit reluctantly, on Thursday approved the use of air strikes in Iraq. He said the step was taken to defend U.S. personnel in the city of Irbil and protect religious minorities facing what he called a “potential act of genocide” from the Islamic State, the extremist group most recently known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The escalation marks a turning point in the Obama administration’s foreign policy, which has avoided direct military involvement in Iraq and Syria until now. It’s been a cautious policy that has come under fire from Republicans and some military and foreign policy experts.
Source: http://www.cnn.com/2014/08/08/politics/obama-iraq-turning-point-political/index.html

Michelle Obama Took Off All Her Clothes At The White House! [PHOTOS] – Yahoo News

is engaged in airstrikes against Islamic militant targets in Iraq. Obama is due to arrive on the Massachusetts island Saturday afternoon. He’s breaking up his vacation with a two-day return to Washington midway through the trip. The president typically keeps a low-profile on his annual summer vacations. But he will headline a Democratic fundraiser on the island Monday night. The president and his family are staying in a rented vacation house in the town of Chilmark.
Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/obama-set-begin-week-summer-vacation-24913301

Obama, Merkel Warn Russia Against Intervention – ABC News

It was not clear whether the airstrikes will affect that battle. There were conflicting reports yesterday on events on the ground. Hisham al-Brefkani, a member of the provincial council of Nineveh, said the Kurdish Peshmerga militia took back the town of Telkeif in Mosul as well as part of Mosul Dam. That was denied by Zuhair al-Chalabi, head of national reconciliation committee in Nineveh province, who said Islamic State is still in control of cities and towns as well as the dam. Residents in the area also said Islamic state fighters were still there.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/obama-warns-extended-strikes-iraq-101647170.html

Obama Set to Begin 2-Week Summer Vacation – ABC News

military campaign launched in Iraq Friday could go on for months, President Barack Obama said Saturday from the White House, but noted that he would not provide a specific timeline. “I’m not going to give a particular timetable,” Obama said before leaving for a two-week summer vacation at Martha’s Vineyard. “We are going to maintain vigilance.” Obama, who was originally against this week’s military strikes and once referred to ISIL as “a jayvee team,” has had to backtrack on his underestimation of the group’s strength and reach. “There is no doubt that their advance, their movement over the last several months has been more rapid than the intelligence estimates and I think the expectations of policy makers both in and outside of Iraq,” Obama said. “Part of that is not a full appreciation of the full degree to which the Iraq security forces, when they are far away from Baghdad, did not have the incentive or capacity to hold ground against an aggressive adversary.” RELATED: Uganda Holds First Pride Parade Since Anti-Gay Law Was Overturned Some critics of Obama’s actions say that it appears as if the president has no plan at all for dealing with ISIL in Iraq or elsewhere. Sen. John McCain, who has been one of the most consistent and outspoken critics of the Obama administration’s policy toward Iraq, said on Friday that what the president has done thus far has been “almost meaningless.” “Its almost worse than nothing because I fear the president is threatening and then he wont follow through,” McCain told The Daily Beast . “Its the weakest possible response and we cannot allow them to take Erbil.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/obama-says-isil-iraq-long-term-project-165144600.html

Obama Warns of Extended Strikes in Iraq to End Islamic State’s Seige – Yahoo Finance

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Source: http://news.yahoo.com/michelle-obama-took-off-her-clothes-white-house-153210902.html

Obama Says ISIL in Iraq Is a ‘Long-term Project’ – Yahoo News

Obama and Merkel spoke by phone Saturday. The White House says they agreed that Russian intervention, even under purported humanitarian auspices, would “provoke additional consequences.” The leaders also reiterated their commitment to urging Russia to seek a political solution to the crisis in Ukraine. Obama spoke to Merkel from Air Force One as he flew to Martha’s Vineyard, the Massachusetts island where he is spending his two-week summer vacation. null Join the Discussion You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Please click here to upgrade your browser in order to comment.
Source: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/obama-merkel-warn-russia-intervention-24914747


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